After being a missionary for the past 3 years and helping run a creative arts school in the heart of Nashville, TN Natalie Villa is ready to release her sound the to world. With a passion for the presence of God, she loves to bring joy through her pop sounding tracks and heart of worship.

The mission was clear from childhood. Born in Oklahoma but a West Coast native of California and Las Vegas, Natalie comes from a beautiful family of 7. She has been singing in church since the age of 7 and has not stopped since. Natalie had a wonderful childhood but there were some hardships along the way. At a very early age she struggled with paralyzing fear and anxiety. It was not until her late teen years that she started to experience true freedom through the love of Jesus from fear. One place Natalie always felt free in was music. She attended a performing arts school in Las Vegas, where she studied and trained vocal technique.

After high school, Natalie went to Master’s Commission at the International Church of Las Vegas, where she met her husband. After Bible College they got married and together they founded Blood Bought Entertainment, a record label based out of Las Vegas. In the course of 3 years they released numerous projects and traveled all over the West Coast ministering from 2004-2007. In 2006 Natalie Villa performed at a Joyce Meyer’s Youth Conference in Las Vegas and Natalie also sang with the International Church of Las Vegas’ worship team at The Call Las Vegas. While at the International Church of Las Vegas Natalie was a big part of the worship team.

In 2008, Natalie moved to Nashville, TN. Where most artist move to “Music City” to expand their careers, Natalie moved to help train, equip, and disciple young leaders who want to use their gifts for God. Natalie has been staff at Provision International for the last four years and been the Lead worship leader. During their time in Nashville, Marco and Natalie were also Assistant Directors for a Creative Arts School called Thunder School.  She’s lead worship at many conferences in Nashville including Harvest Fire, Thunder Conference and The Diamonds Conference where speakers such as Ray Hughes, Heidi Baker, Roger Joyner were ministering. Under Harvest Sound, a division of Provision International, Natalie recorded on 3 compilation devotional albums and 2 Live albums. For past three years one of the highlights of the summer has been the annual Rolling Thunder Tour, where a team of over 30 have been traveling to strategic cities throughout the U.S. and Canada reaching out to the poor and hurting.

While in Nashville, Natalie has also had the privilege of recording with many different artists such as Pro, Canon, Tony Tillman, Chad Jones, Kurtis Blow, Ricky B, Jeff Balding, Todd Ganovski, Glen Garrett, and performed LIVE with Ricky and Sharon Skaggs, Jeff and Suzanne Whatley, Richy Clark from Radiant Worship and many more.

“This is truly one of my life desires, to see generations encounter the presence of the Lord through all genres of music. I really believe that there is nothing greater than worshiping the Lord through all forms of creative expressions.”